Message from CEO

The key success for more than a decade of operation of Namyong Terminal Public Company Limited (the “Company”) is that we aim to be excellent in efficient management. This year, our management team and employees worked together to achieve the defined goals in order for the Company to grow sustainably. In 2017, the Company had 946,769 cars exported and imported through the A5 terminal. The Company was able to gain a gross profit margin of 44.39 percent, net profit margin of 27.33 percent, and return on equity (ROE) of 10.38 percent. In the past 3 years, we have implemented cost management measures and cut unnecessary expenses to maintain the gross margin and the net profit margin in the projected level.

For the 2018 - 2020 plan, the management still determines to create the active working mindset for the employees by taking into consideration the working behaviors of the new generation (Gen-Y) according to the result of the Employee Engagement Surveys, and to emphasize the improvement of working processes through further use of information technology in order to manage risks. More importantly, we place importance on personnel capability and technology development in order to catch up with the more challenging business operation in the future. We have allowed the Gen-Y employees to participate in the thinking and improving of working process through information technology in order to ensure prompt response, accuracy, lower costs, and better working efficiency by establishing a working team to propose a project to the management. This is the opportunity for the management to build a new-generation team as well as to find successors. In the future, when the project is completed, it will directly benefit the financial performance and indirectly it will lead to the establishment of a learning organization and proactive culture which are the values of the organization that grows sustainably.

I believe that the investment plan to expand the business for the next 3-5 years must be carefully proceeded considering the possibility of the project(s) which must create stability of long-term cash flows in order to maintain the highest benefits for all the shareholders and interested parties.

Through the journey of our growth, we have determined to move forward with responsibilities in every process of business in order to ensure the sustainability from internal to external organization in 3 perspectives, namely, economy, society and environment. Accordingly, the Company will be able to run its business together with the growth of the sustainable society. In conclusion, I, as the Chief Executive Officer, would like to express my gratitude to all the management and employees of the Company as well as our customers, business partners and shareholders for your continuous support and trust.

Dr. Theparak Leungsuwan
Chief Executive Officer

"Good management and maintenance of standards in managing the terminal for export and import of cars are the key success of the Company’s business"