Others Services

Other Related Services

To be a fully marline service provider, we have Stevedore on Board which provides service for moving vehicles within terminal and moving vehicles on and off the vessels by expertise.


Office rental space

We provide office rental space at A5 terminal to our main customers for their convenience.


Equipment rental service

We have available equipment for rent as the following;
Lifting Equipment : Four of 4.5 – 16 ton forklifts, available to raise/lower/move merchandise


Vehicle Cleaning Service

We also provide a car-wash service for automobile manufacturers which are water-pressure-based facilities.

In order to enhance our customers’ confidence, we provide security system as follows;

1. Comprehensive CCTV system with 17 cameras for the record of 60 days

2. Clearly designated traffic lanes and traffic direction control

3. Access Control

4. 24-hour security guards

5. An alarm-system linked directly to the Laem Chabang police station

6. Light Tower