Overall Image Policy

The Board of Directors is aware of the importance of social concern from the Company’s business operations although the Company’s services do not affect the environment or nearby communities. Therefore, the Board has determined policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to continually support CSR operations especially nearby and remote communities that are in need of assistance.

Activities of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At present, the Company supports the CSR operations which can be divided into 5 types as follows:

  1. The Company works together with Give the Gift of Sight Foundation in Thailand and OneSight Foundation to set up a project called “Give the Gift of Sight” which has been continually carried on for over 5 years. The operation of the project will be carried out twice a year in different remote communities around the country, which has aided over 90,00 individuals with eye problems within the past 5 years.

  2. The Company offers some supports to nearby communities as appropriate, such as in 2011, the Company together with its employees helped repair and build a school after the flood crisis.

  3. The Company hires Thai Environmental Technic Limited to survey environment in the terminal. The examine report indicates that none of the Company’s operation has been ruin the surround environment. Moreover, the Company always clean up the terminal area to prevent the garbage to fall into the see which is another approach to preserve the environment arount the terminal.
  4. The Company consistently organizes cleaning activities of the berth and nearby areas as a part of the Company’s business procedures for the protection of health and safety as well as the promotion of sustainable consumption.

  5. With the intention to support all CSR activities, Namyong Terminal Public Company Limited has assisted Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage by exemption all the tariff of 11 imported vehicles from Japan, which were fire engines and ambulances donated from Ibaraki International Friendship and Welfare Foundation (IIFF) for the benefit of local administration such as District Administrative Organization, Sub-district Munical, local hospitals.